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    Jan Patrik Krásný

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    How The Television Has Evolved

    The television counts among a handful of designs that most dramatically changed 20th-century society. As this illustrated poster by Reddit user CaptnChristiana visualizes, the design has evolved mightily since the boxy retro contraptions of yesteryear, like the Emyvisor and the Marconi. With flatscreens and high-definition displays that can seem crisper and more colorful than reality itself, 21st-century viewers are comparatively spoiled.

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    Papersky Florian Mueller

    The sky is changing. Constantly. As if it was never satisfied with it’s design, it’s color, the shape and texture of the clouds. Like a writer who is never satisfied with his sentences, words and ideas. Throwing away more and more crumpled paper, building a pile of lost and littered ideas. But sometimes it is worth to break out of this circle and pause for a moment, to dwell and reflect on rejected plans to build something new. My goal is to invite the viewer of my work to linger, to calm down and maybe to contemplate. Maybe I can achieve this with the coalescence of these two ingredients: Papersky.”

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    money tree$

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    Phylicia Rashad

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    This is the type of pic that should be on Black girls walls, not Marilyn Monroe like I’ve been seeing!

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    Cultural Centre and Library ‘Eemcentrum’ Neutelings Riedijk Architects

    The Eemhuis is a cultural centre that combines the city library, regional archives, school of arts and exhibition spaces. The vertical stacking of these programs enhances the continuity of the public domain into the building. At the ground floor, the public square becomes the foyer of the exhibition centre and gradually steps up to form a terraced library. On the top of the stairs the library spills into a vast open space overlooking the city. Above it hovers the archive volume that forms the ceiling of this space. The three departments of the arts school (theatre & dance, visual arts and music) are each expressed separately as cantilevered beams that crown the complex.”

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    Humorous Urban Interventions on the Streets of France by OakOak

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